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re said to me, If you need my ●name to prove the credibility of the most inc▓redible things I had to tell you, you may use i▓t without compunction.Possib▓le suffering that may befall me because o●f this use of my name is of no consider●ation where the enlightenment of Europe i●s concerned.On mature delibera▓tion I have preferred, however, n●ot to mention his name here.I thus r●enounce the weight of a name▓ of European repute and of unparalleled aut▓hority.Notwithstanding this, ▓I still consider it necessary to ask public op●inion of Europe to watch with redoubled care t▓he fate of the[Pg 84] few persons w●ho have been my informants.It would not b▓e right for me to suppress this re●port, for I should thus act in▓ direct opposition to the wishes of ●the noble-minded prince.Neither could I d▓isguise him entirely, since there are, after all●, but few persons that could ●have made to me these disclo▓sures on the helplessness of even the em▓inent patriots.And so I must resort ●to an appeal to the public opinio▓n of Europe with proper caution.It can prote●ct the prince.For with all their wic▓kedness the Russian rulers still fear f▓oreign public opinion.This and this● alone has a certain influence o●n the Czar.

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Let it be exerted in behal●f of a man of the greatest herois▓m, who makes appeal to it out of pure patriotism▓. Does your highness think, I asked, in th●e interview I am about to report h▓ere, that the discontent everywhere▓ noticeable in all classes of socie●ty is real and of political signi●ficance We must make distinctions,▓ answered

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